How Can HR Managers Can Relocate Employee With Ease

relocation industry

Relocation of employees may become necessary for a company for various reasons including the requirement of employee services and talent in another location, or even a shifting of office location or expansion of a business. The corporate relocation industry, valued at $28 billion in 2016, has accordingly evolved, providing end-to-end solutions to facilitate easy and effectual relocation of employees, simplifying the process for HR managers.

In a competitive market where employees have multiple job opportunities, relocating employees with ease, across vast distances plays a significant role in the retention of talent and in seamless location change. While earlier the human resources department of a company would manage the process step-by-step, now external vendors are available to streamline the process, ranging from immigration to paper-work, taxation and residences.

Rising Number of International Assignments

Globalization, expansion of Fortune 500 organizations and consulting companies has resulted in a considerable global employee relocation …

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