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  • MES system
  • Internet + agriculture
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical DCS
  • Industrial Intelligence
  • Industrial robot
  • Automated production line
  • Environmental smart water
  • 3D Warehouse 3D Garage Intelligence System
  • Smart City Internet of Things system
  • Teaching real teaching automation platform
  • Andon system
  • Industrial elevator system
  • Lithium battery production line
  • Charging pile cloud car system
  • China High Speed Rail 2.0 system

    5 mechanical designers

    Skilled 3D mapping, clear thinking,

    Five electrical automation designers

    Familiar with on-site construction, familiar with automatic control system programming, familiar with PC configuration, understand robot debugging

    5 software programmers

    Familiar with class c language development, familiar with APP development,

    2 market managers

    Familiar with industrial real economy industry, 3 years of work experience, understanding of industrial manufacturing

    International Marketing Manager 2

    Familiar with the African market or the Central Asian market

    Relevant information sent to: 602711878@qq.com

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