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      Companies and Israeli software companies to become strategic partners 



             Our company responded to the Chinese manufacturing 2025 industrial 4.0 development plan. On March 17, 2016, we cooperated with messengers such as president and CEO of eli gazit, soft software company of Israel to negotiate the successful development of the Chinese market. In the future, both parties will cooperate in the pharmaceutical, electronics and logistics industry software Information management system for the depth of cooperation in the development, to fill the intelligent manufacturing Shijiazhuang, Hebei h h smart manufacturing, and promote the 4.0 manufacturing in Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang 4.0 manufacturing industry.
               Europe cloud technology is committed to the development of high intelligent automation equipment manufacturing, is the world's leading intelligent equipment manufacturers. The company has always focused on the development of production management systems. The MES and MIS systems developed with Israeli software companies are used in many industries. The company has established strategic partnerships with Israel SOFT with the goal of jointly providing manufacturers with advanced technologies and enhancing The core competitiveness of enterprises to help industrial upgrading and access to the greatest economic value.


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